Friday, November 18, 2022

Pelosi Replacement Corporate Shill, AiPac darling, pro-charter Jeffries Is At WAR With Progressives - fights Left Dems more then Republicans

Back in 2009, A bunch of us went up to a court in Albany to oppose the appointment of Cathy Black as chancellor. Hakeem Jeffries was with us. It's the last time I viewed him as a progressive.
The hedge-funders and charter school backers,who have supported Jeffries in the past, are overjoyed.  Will Jeffries continue to wage an open war on progressives?
The notion that the Democratic Party establishment would put
a lawmaker beholden to AIPAC in that position is shameful. The far-right AIPAC supports numerous Sedition Caucus lawmakers, for starters....  Meet the new boss same as the old boss... Oh yea, another banking-industry shill. Just what we need... Comments on

"I’m a Black progressive Democrat concerned with addressing racial and social and economic injustice with the fierce urgency of now.  -- Hakeem Jeffries

But not so much addressing racial and social economic injustice when it comes to serious healthcare issues like Medicare for all.

While expected, the Jeffries appointment being celebrated by Dems based on identity politics is a dangerous road for Dems since Jeffries has mocked the left in ways that echo Trumpy mocking the libs.  Pro charter, he's a corp Dem all the way and guaranteed to stop any moves to Medicare for all.
Here's a section from today's Breaking Points/Counter Points with Ryan and Emily:
He created a PAC to undermine left. He openly opposed Jamaal Bowman but Bowman said he supports Jeffries. Huh? Hates AOC apparently. Left won't fight him - makes them look so weak and allows him to run all over them. DSA is a bigger target for him than Trumpies.
Ryan goes into the nature of personal relationships like Nancy having Omar's back so often and when the left attacks the squad for not opposing Nancy - well, Nancy did have skills. Does Hakeem have similar skills?
Jeffries tied into APAC and they want to exterminate the left --- Emily says it could rupture but Ryan says left too small - like a pothole.

Jeffries, first elected in 2012, has long been considered Pelosi's heir apparent, rising through the ranks to land a perch in the party's House leadership.

However, he could face some opposition from the most vocal progressives in the House, who labeled him a centrist.

"I’m a Black progressive Democrat concerned with addressing racial and social and economic injustice with the fierce urgency of now. That’s been my career, that’s been my journey and it will continue to be as I move forward for however long I have an opportunity to serve. There will never be a moment where I bend the knee to hard-left democratic socialism," he told The Atlantic last year.

 Jeffries would be the first Black party leader in the House and would face the challenge of navigating a wide-ranging caucus, including progressive members he’s clashed with in the past. A former corporate attorney, Jeffries has faced distrust from some progressives for his support from and for business interests, as well as his backing of a political action committee aimed at defeating progressive challengers

It doesn't look like he will face objections from the left, fearing a racial backlash. Too bad.

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