Sunday, November 13, 2022

Save Our Healthcare - Nov. 13, 2022 Town Hall - register here -

Last week Retiree Advocate had 250 people, mostly retirees. This is run by MORE which should bring working teachers to the table as we fight the Mulgrew attempt to divide (and blame) retirees for fighting back.

If you missed last week, here is a link:


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MORE Town Hall

Sunday evening, November 13

The fight against amending NYC Administrative Code 12-126 continues. The code sets a floor the city must pay for our healthcare, and blocks them from going lower.

The amendment will let them go lower. We need to defeat this amendment, or even stop City Council from considering it.

This event is for current teachers and other school workers, and for retirees.

These changes threaten the healthcare of IN SERVICE and RETIREES. We are in this together. We will beat this together.

See you Sunday!


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