Thursday, March 2, 2023

UFT/Unity Threatens Opposition with Legal Action for Using UFT Logo Using Stroock, their million dollar a year firm - So Sue Me


Message to UFT/Unity/Stroock - so sue me

Maybe I'm not so union proud today. Did you know I can be sued by my own union's high priced law firm, Stroock (Randy's old firm before she became a "teacher") for posting the logo above on this blog? You  know, a logo paid for with my union dues which I have been paying since 1967. So go ahead and sue me - I'd love a case of the UFT suing its own members for promoting the union. Authoritarianism run amuck -- is DeSantis running the UFT?

They act like little mice when it comes to fighting the city or abusive principals, so like any bully they pick on teachers. We've said it often over the years -- the UFT/Unity leadership is more aligned with the bosses than its own members.

A bunch of us in the opposition had an LOL moment when we heard about the threats from the UFT/Unity leadership have made against the MORE Caucus for using the UFT - get this - trademarked logo - during the recent contract campaign - a campaign the union urged people to bring to their chapters. Note the footnoted reference to Ed Notes on the bottom of page 1.


If this was an issue why not just mention it to MORE people at an ex bd meeting or DA and ask for it to be removed, which as far as I'm concerned they don't have to do. This is just another example of an attempt to intimidate and suppress opposition voices to Unity -which we've seen at Ex Bd meetings at times this year -  a classic act of authoritarians. How much did getting Stroock involved cost us in union dues?

See below for the account of the over a million bucks paid to Stroock in the 2019-20 year from the LM-2 form

The point is that when the leadership proudly announced their contract prep events to engage the rank and file, the oppo people totally supported it. I did my share.
One of these is cited in the footnote of the Stroock letter, along with EONYC and New Action blogs.
The union clearly urged people to use their info and even modify it for their schools.

Now here's the rub -- Unity Caucus and its members used the very same logo --- let's see the Stroock letter to them.
Unity altering Fair Contract logo then using it to promote new members to the caucus. Unrelated to contract fight.
[UPDATE - Upon reading this blog, the Unity clones have scrubbed these sites].

More examples of Unity Caucus using the logo.

We are going to have our own law firm - Schmuck and Schmuck send this to Unity since I own part of that logo through my union dues.



Unknown said...

😂 Schmuck & Schmuck. I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

I’ll tell every obnoxious, aggressive writing retiree I know to start using the UFT logo. I got an acquaintance that reviews gay porn movies, he’ll love it.

Anonymous said...

I have a photo of the flyer my former district rep placed in my mailbox last year for their reelection. It reads "Unity/UFT" all over. The Unity logo also has UFT embedded in one of the letters.

Anonymous said...

You need to hold your union heads responsible for these actions. They allow this to happen using the union dues you provide them

Anonymous said...

Did you know it's a violation of the New York State Taylor law to say you represent retirees when you're a union everybody needs to file a complaint with the state saying that Murphy and head clowned constantly saying this and they need to be held accountable
I hope he can still teach cuz I know he doesn't have enough time to retire and if he gets defeated which he will and the next thing that's going to happen after this is active teachers and active city workers are going to stop paying for the healthcare I looked it this way if I have to pay for my health care and I was a worker of the city of New York they're going to have to pay for their health care and as a city resident I'm going to demand that for that fiscal responsibility every other municipality State organization all the employees pay for their health benefits it's time for New York City to make all members active or retired pay for their health benefits just like everywhere else in the world the head clown in Murphy are telling active people that's not going to happen it's going to happen and he can thank himself for it

Anonymous said...

Urgently seeking a list of all schools under custodial review for the last 25 years in the City of New York.