Friday, March 31, 2023

Fearmongering and Loathing, Unity suppression of Petition calling for Health Care referendum sparks more interest, Hysterical Attacks by Leaders making 200K on Critical Voices Grows

Mailed petitions after only a few days.

UNITY ATTEMPTING TO SUPPRESS OUR LAWFUL PETITION CALLING FOR A MEMBER VOTE ON CHANGES TO HEALTHCARE - Unity is in panic mode over our petition to get a member vote on any healthcare changes. Thousands have already signed.
Friday, March 31
The photo above is what I picked up in my mailbox on Monday. Last night I got a message from my building saying my mailbox was full and mail had to be moved to the front desk. I'm heading in early to pick it up before going to the healthcare rally at City Hall at noon.

In case you hadn't hear, there is a petition which is scaring the hell out of the leadership despite the fact we need 20,000 signatures to force a referendum on health care changes, a seeming impossible number unless it goes viral. And yesterday, in an attempt to suppress the petition, Unity Caucus operatives only helped spread the word, as James pointed out.

Even some of our people who were skeptical at first, are signing on. The other day some New Action retirees went to a middle school and spoke at 4 lunch hours and got a great response. 

In the meantime, Unity and the UFT high-priced leadership has gone nuts attacking the opposition and making accusations. Arthur has a reponse

Michael Mulgrew Is the Fearmonger-in-Chief 

 As does Nick (Who is political? A Further Note on the 3-27-23 Executive Board Meeting (and its aftermath)


An Update as Educators of NYC reports: Day 10 of the @UFT healthcare referendum petition drive & we are at ~ 2300-2400 signees. The petitions continue to pour in ☔️ Let’s let leadership know we are union strong and that we are the union. Please share the petition with your colleagues in your chapter.


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