Thursday, March 8, 2007

Daily Doins: March 8, 2007

How does a retiree spend a relaxing day? First, you start out by going to the printer to order more UFT election leaflets. Then, on to the full-day Region 4 robotics workshop. Then back to the printer to pick up the leaflets. Then off to meet a group of teachers at a high school who want to hear about the UFT elections. On the way, drop off leaflets at varying schools. Wrap up the evening battling the Unity slime on the blogs. Who wants to be sitting in the sun in Florida?


  1. Here's what New Action says about James Eterno and its other ex-comrades in ICE/TJC:

    "ICE-TJC's attacks on opponents are often scurrilous, undignified and personal. Truth is ignored."

    Boy did they ever hit that nail on the head with that one. I guess when you have a chance to see them up close, you get more than your fill of ICE/TJC.

  2. Well, you don't seem to have had your fill of ICE-TJC since you hang out here.

    New Action, there's a group worth believing. Like New Action members of the negotiating committee actually voted against the 2005 contract when Randi declared the vote of the negotiating committee was unanimous. Take your pick as to which one is the liar here. In this case I'll choose Randi as the one telling the truth. But New Action at least lies with dignity as befitting the "responsible" opposition.

    And they finally admitted they actually have jobs with the UFT after years. You know who revealed their leader had a job? Unity insiders who were incensed.

    Imagine, your own people who don't exactly subscribe to the New Action is wonderful theory.

    But don't you have more important things to do like steal another election?


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