Saturday, March 24, 2007

Welcome, We've Got Mail!

[From a CL who despite being considered one of the best teachers in the school, underwent attacks by the principal, including U observations]
I agree with your positions. It took a while, but I am simply left with no choice but to accept the reality of the TRUTH: Randy opened the door and invited in the current slaughter.

From Elementary CL:
Hi Norman,
Just wanted to drop you a line to say I'm experiencing first hand the lack of caring or response of our union. Seems they work like snails, don't answer calls and offer very little help or support. We need news coverage to help our problem. These stories must get out. Somebody needs to start writing books

We are working in a very evil place. It's happening everywhere and they distort statistics to make it seem this is helping the children. They hate school more than ever before, especially the kindergarteners. Let's collect stories all over and get a book published called the "War on Teachers and Children". Or The Dictatorship of the Principals. Or How to Destroy a School System in Three Easy Lessons. or BloomKleinWein Rules: Educators Drool!! How about the Rise and Fall of Public Education or Why Johnny Can't Teach!. This is fun, I could go on all night IF I WASN'T SO F##$!ing tired. A little sarcastic tonight? Yes, I guess so. Feeling fed up and distressed.

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