Monday, December 3, 2007

Important Chapter Leader Election

Marjorie Stamberg is running for Chapter leader against a Unity Clone/hack Michael Friedman who has supported every act of the union leadership and has engaged in personal attacks on Marjorie. I think he is the same guy who opposed just about anything I ever proposed at the Delegate Assembly. Unity is desperate to keep Marjorie from representing the interests of the teachers. That should be a good enough reason to get anyone you know in that chapter to support her.

Jeff Kaufman has posted Marjorie's full statement on the ICE blog, which I urge you to read.

Here are a few excerpts:

Underlying the current election for chapter officers in GED-Plus are some important issues of broader significance. A crisis was opened by the “reorganization” of District 79, announced last May, in which more than 300 teaching positions were eliminated. The fact that hundreds of teachers were then thrown into Absent Teacher Reserve, instead of having the right to transfer to other positions, is a direct result of the union leadership’s giving up of seniority transfers in the 2005 contract.

"Mr. Friedman has waged a vindictive personal attack on me, releasing a stream of frantic e-mails in which he accuses me of being “ignorant,” “angry,” “negative”, a “demagogue,” someone who “rants” and “raves.” (Where have we heard that before?) He wrote: “Her platform is anger and negativism…” “Do we want to be represented by someone so negative and angry…” “a one note, negative campaign; a call to just say no.” “Ms. Stamberg, like so many demagogues who want to rant…” “angry people who rant and rave…” Ask yourselves, who is ranting and raving here?"


  1. I am really amazed that Unity folks are so patently unable to issue well-reasoned argument. I'm glad I don't work for them.

    I think they live in a bubble, where this sort of juvenile attack is considered acceptable. In any case, this campaign will be waged in one school only, and Ms. Stamberg, hopefully, will be able to get her message out on her own terms.

  2. This is not a one school election but a functional chapter throughout the city which allows Unity full range of reaching its tentacles everywhere. We've deealt with a bunch of these cases over the years where when someone they think they can't control brings out a full court press.

    I can think of only 1 functional chapter that is not Unity controlled.

  3. Well, that probably makes it more functional than most.


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