Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Klein and Weingarten Announce 86% Eligible Schools to Participate in School-Wide Peformance Pay

There are links to complete lists of schools accepting and rejecting merit pay on the sidebar to the right.

I posted the full press release on Norm's Notes. Randi and Joel seem so excited that 86% - 205 out of 240 eligible schools – chose to participate in the school-based performance plan. Many of us are thrilled at the 35 schools that are not participating.

Note all the characters involed from Eli Broad to the NYC Partnership, which uses its money to hump BloomKlein commercials in addition to schemes like this - anything but money in the classroom - to old Diane Ravitch attack dog Kathryn "Gone" Wylde.

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  1. hi norm,

    i've pulled you into an online version of the chain letter - read here for more:



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