Saturday, December 1, 2007

Eli's Bold New Play - from Ohanian

(No, not the Giant QB)
REVISED: Note comment #2

Eli Broad is an ally of Joel Klein and Michael Bloomberg - the Broad Foundation gave them the Boobie - er - Broad Prize.
Eli Broad is also an ally of the UFT and Randi Weingarten - he gave their charter school $1 million.
Eli Broad and his brood have spent money attacking teacher unions - see San Diego conflicts where his surrogates Anthony Alvarado (yes, that Alvarado) and Alan Bersin attacked teacher unions.
Eli Broad spends lots of money on school reform related to high stakes tests - hmmm, hasn't the UFT task force been critical of high stakes tests - maybe on another planet.
Eli Broad is a pro-business, anti-union education "reformer."

Lots of people have been saying the standards and accountability education reform movement is all about making every school seem a failure so they can be privatized.

From Susan Ohanian's Daily Digest comes this satirical piece by Tauna Rogers
Press Release

Billionaire philanthropist, entrepreneur, and public education expert Eli Broad has teamed up with the International Star Registry to promote a provocative plan of action to raise individual student achievement (as measured by standardized test scores) and overall achievement in Title I schools across the nation.

"Asked about public schools which fail to meet the much prized 2014 standard, Broad said they should probably lower their flags to half-mast and be taken over by private companies."

Read it in full:


  1. Broad and Manning both suck.

  2. Hello,

    You don't know me but I need to comment on the Eli Broad piece.

    First, please know I am a fan and visit your site almost daily. Kudos to Norm Scott and all of the NYC City teachers struggling to put up with the Bloomberg/Klein regime. I speak from afar (New Mexico) but it seems to me Bloomberg and Klein are basically just spoiled rich men who think that having a fistful of dollars entitles them to circumvent democracy and impose their corporate-serving will upon public schools, teachers, parents, and students.

    As for the Eli Broad piece, just wanted to make it clear I wrote this as satire and it isn't a real press release. I noticed on another list where I posted it that someone thought it was real and really blasted Broad for it (not that he doesn't deserve it mind you).

    Anyway, my best to you all.

    Tauna Rogers


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