Saturday, December 22, 2007

Why Not Lists of.....

We've been raising the issue of how there seems to be a witch hunt on for teachers while other areas of society seem to be escaping. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune published a national list of teachers who have been disciplined, naturally lumping sexual issues (25% of the teachers) with others who might appear due to a disagreement with their administrators.

George Schmidt commented on ICE-mail:

I don't know if I'm on the list, but since I was fired by the Chicago Board of Education for the publication of the CASE tests in 1999 and then placed on what is called locally the DO NOT HIRE list, it wouldn't surprise me. Generally, I'm in favor of investigative reporting. This particular instance goes outside the realm of decency, however, if, as it is said, the "problems" can range over anything (including, let's assume, serious disagreements with superiors, as I had here). To lump child molesters of the kind I helped bring to justice here in Chicago with teachers who stand up for what's right is almost obscene.

SS raised the issue of why not lists for other areas of society:

Why not lists of lawyers whose sole mission in life is to make lots of money hurting other human beings?

Why not lists of "real estate" "developers" who kill trees, grass, bushes, shrubs, mom-and-pop businesses, hundreds of creatures, the lives of tenants and home owners in order to "develop" and "improve" a piece of land?

Why not lists of parents who don't feed, clothe or wash their children in a manner to benefit those children?

Why not lists of every adult who doesn't have the first inkling about disciplining and schooling a child to be a decent human being?

Why not lists of health care providers who care about as much as Stalin?

Why not lists of politicians who routinely destroy the health and lives of millions of their so-called constituents?

Why not lists of massively miserable administrators who get their jollies harassing and then firing their employees?

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