Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bloomie and Mugabe: Perfect Together

Michael Bloomberg's Velvet Coup

Is Mayor Mugabe an outrageous comparison?

By Tom Robbins
Village Voice
published: October 22, 2008

Mugabe? OK, it's an outrageous comparison. Forgive me. Mike Bloomberg would never shut down newspapers or use brutal thugs against dissenters in order to hold onto power. He doesn't have to. He buys them. MORE


  1. Other than the Village Voice, Elizabeth Green, and the blogging community, the "Council Yes's", the media and NY Unions really laid for the mayor. As long as he keeps bribing his way around town, they will be subservient to him. It's sad. At a time when the public is in dire need of trust, honesty, and integrity we get slimeball politics and those who enable it. Makes ya' sick.

  2. "...laid DOWN for the Mayor." Sorry. Early morning.


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