Monday, October 27, 2008

Teachers' Survey Finds that Policing and Excessive Suspensions Undermine Learning, and Teachers Support Human Rights Approaches to Discipline

Teachers Unite's Sally Lee has been working on a teacher survey on the impact of excessive policing and suspensions for some time which was released on October 22.

This can be a complex issue for teachers who work in schools that they perceive to being dangerous. I taught my entire career without police presence in the schools, but that was at the elementary level. We have had intensive discussions at ICE meetings over the years. There are other solutions at all levels and this report presents a comprehensive alternative. Thanks to the Ed Notes supporters and ICE teachers who assisted Teachers Unite in the survey.

Read the press release at Norms Notes and download the report


  1. Thanks for sharing this Norm. If anyone is interested in receiving a printed copy of the report, please contact


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