Friday, October 31, 2008

This Can NEVER Happen in the UFT

WTU Board of Trustee Candi Peterson reports on The Washington Teacher blog:
Washington Teachers Union Executive Board members in a statement of disapproval passed a motion to censure the Washington Teachers' Union President George Parker yesterday. The motion passed overwhelmingly 9 to 4. Board members expressed their disapproval of President Parker's failure to adhere to regularly scheduled board and delegate assembly meetings, fails to hold membership meetings, fails to adhere to motions passed by the board, and does not respond to members request for information.

Unity Caucus in the UFT has assured that there will never be dissent on the Executive Board by controlling every position. Even when ICE/TJC controlled 6 out of the 89 seats from 2004-2007, that was too much. So they made sure to endorse the former opposition New Action Caucus to replace them. With a majority of UFT members not being working teachers and manipulating the election process, Unity has assured their control in perpetuity.

Does this mean there is no hope in getting the leadership to respond? The actions of adhoc special interest lobby groups like ATRs and rubber room members has created some force from the rank and file to get some movement. There is such fear in Unity of a revolt from underneath demanding change, they will respond to deflect militancy.

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  1. I think you should look closer at this supposed expression of union democracy in the DC AFT local. Parker has resisted Rhee's attempts to trade tenure for salary increases. This is in contrast to the policy of the UFT in the 2005 contract. Now that Weingarten is in charge, the model of triangulation and concession must be imposed nationally. The Shankerites cannot tolerate a local, with a large % of Black teachers, opposing the leading model of corporate education reform. The DC local I suspect has come under pressure from many sides here; from members who have little understanding of solidarity, to The Rhee/DC Mayor's office, to the AFT leadership. I would be very reluctant to jump on the bandwagon here in the name of 'democracy'. They are spreading democracy like the Shankerites and Imperialists like to spread it to the middle east, Columbia and Georgia to name a few.

  2. Sean

    Do not look at Parker as somehow being far away from Weingarten.

    This is not an attack on PArker from the right/Rhee supporters. Parker did waffle early and there has been some pushback from people like Candi, whose blog has pushed at Rhee pretty hard. She seems to be playing the ICE role here.

    As to democracy, or lack thereof, Parker seems right in line with Randi it seems.

  3. To many cooks in the kitchen at the top arguing and it's disruptive of the learning process ! Get get a few trusted teachers with a constitutional attorney and hit it straight down the middle for solutions ! What do the principle's and teacher's need for the children ? Ask them and meet all operational needs ! That's your solution ! Make out your list principle's and call a team meeting !Send to the board for review after they've been to your school !Show them your needs !


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