Friday, October 31, 2008

Class Size Rises While ATRs Fester and Get Fired

So the NYCDOE "overhires" Teaching Fellows, leaving 130 waiting to be fired on Dec. 5 while failing to use $153 million in state funds to reduce class size. In one third of schools receiving class size reduction funds, class sizes actually increased.

And then there is that other batch of tenured ATRs being used as daily subs instead of using them to cut class size. Comptroller Bill Thompson says he will do an audit. But so what? BloomKlein just ignore the law.

From the Class Size Matter website:


  1. All of them are ignoring the law. The principals and regional administrators do it when they ignore the contract and commit fraud, and the DoE reps do it when they deny practically every single grievance the union has ever taken to Step II. (It's true.)

    The DoE is now run like a hierarchy of puppet governments.

    When BloomKlein calls for "accountability," it doesn't mean to the public, who pays for public education through taxes.

    It means accountability only to Bloomberg and Klein.

    At this point the whole thing is so corrupt it's hard to know how to get it back on course.

  2. PS: Maybe we have to start approaching the legislators and the courts.

  3. But . . . I fear that the legislature and the courts are cut from the same cloth as bloomkleingarten.

    The "public" who are not billionaires, multi-millionaires and similar species will suffer increasingly as time goes on until the time is ripe for a swing back toward even a modicum of decency.

    A good friend, by the way, tells me a joke, which is folk wisdom:

    You can tell what god thinks of money by the people to whom he gives it.

    Apologies for the sexism here but that's how the joke goes.

    Take good care, all of you,



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