Thursday, January 22, 2009

Players at South Bronx School Revealed

Following the South Bronx School blog gives us a clue to the nightmare that exists in so many schools under BloomKlein. Tales of corruption and abuse. The players were revealed.

The school: PS 154X District 7

John Deacon, The Principal: Linda-Amil Irizarry

Numb Nuts, The Assistant Principal: Derrick Townsend
Linda-Amil Irizzary was supt. of District 8 last year. She was asked to leave. Her best friend is the supt of District 7, Yolanda Torres.

Let the word go forth!


  1. Is Linda Amil Irizarry related to the disgraced regional supt. from Queens. Why do so many these crooks have the same last names? Nepotism is rampant in this D.O.E.

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