Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Oh No, Say It Ain't So: Andy to Ed Dept?

"And You Thought Duncan was a Dangerous Choice? asks Susan Ohanian?

Susan reports:
Rumor is rife in Washington, D. C. that three people likely to get top positions in the Department of Education are:

* Andrew Rotherham of Education Sector, a major supporter of NCLB's test-and-punish
approach and of high-stakes testing.

* Russlyn Ali of Education Trust West, to head the Office of Civil Rights in the Education Department; Education Trust is a major supporter of NCLB and believes in high stakes testing of individuals, even though minority youth are disproportionately denied diplomas based on these tests.

* Wendy Kopp, Teach for America, who needs no introduction.

If you aren't worried already, enter these names on a search.

Susan suggests you run, not walk to your phone and call your favorite politician to complain.
I actually see a benefit in having Rotherham/Eduwonk in the Ed Department just to get him off the regular blogging beat. And he spent so much energy chasing rumors to find out Eduwonkette's identity, only to find he was out outfoxed by a grad student. Expect the same level of competence at the ed department. Well, he's not always wrong. He did call me crazy. I responded
When Eduwonks Attack and its' worth a read just to see where this guy (and yes, he's one of those ed reform Dems) is coming from.

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  1. Told you to vote for Clinton ! God Bless America ! Mayor cuts NY budget 770 million and that's 14,274 teachers ! What's next ?


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