Thursday, January 29, 2009

Suzane Joseph – MS 313K

Today's Worst Principal of the Day


  1. Is this woman related to Jolanta Rohloff in some way? Seems as if she's cut out of the same cheesecloth....
    Sad to say, it appears that there are too many of these types of Principals in the NYC/DOE. Perhaps in Leadership Academy, they have received a "directive" to bring down the public schools, via harrassment of the teachers and students,so that the buildings can be used to bring in charters?
    Doesn't seem that far fetched, does it, given the megalomaniacal nature of Herr Bloomberg, and his stooge, Joke Klein?
    And, as was the case with Lafayette, the UFT stands by complicitly and does NOTHING.

  2. In all of my teaching career, Suzanne Joseph has been the worst principal I came across. She makes the staff change the grades at the end of the marking period if she is not satisfied with it. When the staff refuses she either changes it herself or she has the office aids make the changes. When this happens at a school do you think that students would work to their highest potentials or would attend classes. Presently most of the students at gthat school walk the hallways all day.There is a dean and an AP yet the students are out ofbecause of Josephs disrespect staff and students.
    This school has gone down,Students cursing teachers. Joseph curses students.Joseph has created this big mess. She can never never clean it or put it back together how it was before. It has moved from the best school to the worst school.
    KUDOS TO THE WORST Principal to run that school in the life of the school.

  3. I wonder what is the ratio of staff to students at your Saturday school? Is it 8 : 2 I knew it has been that way for a very long time.

    Spend the DOE's Money wisely.

  4. Two and a half years later, Suzane S. Joseph, the Principal of Middle School 313 is STILL brutally incompetent and in an effort to hide this she cheats on the NYS exams, denies the children education as she viciously attacks the teachers, and utilizes the PA system belittle students and staff members.
    If her insanity is not good enough for your biological children, it's not good enough for anyone's children!

  5. Suzanne is continuing her reign of terror at GPATHS as the VP under Neil Monheit another school killer. It was a thriving school at the beginning of the year but is now closing to merge with Automotive. The majority of the school staff are relieved as they would be leaving anyway so as not to have to return to the school next year under her and her partner in crime.

    Attendance went down severely, applicants to the school are a trickle and there are fights almost everyday in the halls. Suzanne yells at teachers, staff and students alike and doesn't do any real work herself. Monheit has implemented policies that hinder teachers, stagnates learning and frustrates students.

    I wonder how the both of them still work for the DOE as every school they have worked in has closed and the staff they work with say the same things about their incompetence.


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