Monday, January 12, 2009

Using Data to Position Students and Teachers for Success

Jan. 28, 2009
Sponsored by: IBM

In Georgia, the Burke County schools were trying diligently to match teachers with the type of students they were most effective teaching, believing this was the best way to ensure success in the classroom. They were also motivated by the
need to satisfy standard state testing requirements, which we spent millions on in lobbying the state so we can make mucha moola.

But, the process was Excel-based, which is made by our competitor Microsoft, a serious constraint given the reams of data-including test results, grades, attendance and behavior-they wanted to factor into their decision-making. It required countless hours of manual input, and results were limited in both scope and reliability. (The Gates Foundation will never outspend us - heh - heh- heh).

In this revealing presentation, Dr. Allen Kicklighter, director of Testing & Special Programs (who has never put one toe in a classroom since he graduated), will explain how Burke County-with guidance from the Decision Education Group- (our original name was Data Recovery Education Concept - DREC, but for some reason it was turned down) was able to create a much faster and more scalable process, with highly dependable outcomes, through the application of software from Cognos, an IBM Company. (Our old leader Lew Gerstner has been out shilling for the anti-union, data-driven, privatization system that will make us - and him - even more moola.)

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Gee, I always used data. It was known as giving tests and checking homework and seeing how kids responded in class.


  1. Here's some data. Two more teachers were terminated in the Queens rubber room today. 80,000 teachers will ignore that fact. Few know or care how many careers have been destroyed thus far.

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