Friday, November 27, 2009

Girls Prep Charter Financials: $76,000 for Recruitment

They get free space in the public schools but spend money to recruit kids away from public schools, which have no budget to compete. All those market-based ed deformers don't exactly believe in a level playing field.

page 7 Recruitment/marketing costs:
2009= $76,636
2008= $45,487

Page 12
Note C: School Facility

As part of the New York City Chancellor's Charter School Initiative, the NYC DoE has committed space to the Organization at no charge. the facilities and services provided by the NYC DoE to the Organization are outlined in a Shared Facility Use Agreement.

The agreement is for 5 years or until termination of the School's charter.

Is this agreement still in effect for the renewed/expanded charter whose application is in process at SUNY CSI? Where is a copy of this agreement?

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