Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This is the prelude to disaster

This is the prelude to disaster - how convenient of Mulgrew to leave the ATR situation in the hands of a mediator and then blame the mediator when a decision comes down as part of a final contract that ATR's need to get hired within a certain period or lose their jobs. What a disgrace - and Peter Goodman has the nerve to say their is no downside - we have suffered greatly in the past by leaving things to a mediator in contract negotiations.

EVERY time the UFT has gone to a third party mediator and probably most every time any union has been in mediation it has eventually wound up in non binding fact finding and a contract has been imposed and it will be so again. We all know that there is an agreement on a monetary package from long before Mulgrew took office. The only sticking point is the ATR's and therein lies the rub and why we have no contract despite our "neutrality" in the mayoral election. The contract already has a clause calling for discussions around a potential buyout of ATR's. This contract will have some final agreement around ATR's - they are not going to allow thousands of people to remain in that status forever. It has all to do with ideology and what they [Unity Caucus] see their role as. Lets remember it was the UFT that agreed to eliminate seniority in the first place and so we wound up with ATR's.

Ira Goldfine, ICE

Mulgrew asks union for power to call impasse in contract talks

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