Thursday, November 12, 2009

Renowned Arizona Charter School Asks Disruptive Students to Leave

Whoopee!! The Basis School is featured and the filmmaker, Bob Compton, just answered Brian Lehrer's million dollar question. Some students do not have the make-up for intense academic work, he thinks. What happened to "no excuses?"

Pay for teachers are differentiated. They are all very talented. Put some of these talented teachers in the average NYC high school and they would run screaming.

Just push the students harder is the key. Load them with work and they will succeed. Let me point out that this is not the average student just about anywhere.

The filmmaker is a venture capitalist. He went to India and China and saw wonderful high schools. Does he think the average child in India or China, where they weed them out way before high school, is what he is seeing? Can this guy be any dumber? Or is he just a manipulative ed deformer?

You can only see this film at Go and have a few laughs.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Norm.

    I don't think I'm manipulative, although I am trying to foster improved education for our children.

    Guess "dumb and dumber" is your answer. :-)

    Every child has the potential to be well-educated - not every child aspires to that goal.

    I'm working, at my own expense, to inspire, and perhaps scare just a bit, more kids into striving for a better education - for their own life-long benefit.

    Dumb Bob :-)


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