Saturday, November 21, 2009

Will Kevin Johnson/Rhee Scandal Be Obama's Whitewater?

Wow! The GOP right wing gang ganging up on the kind of people who should be their darling. Rhee, our own ed version of Sarah Palin. With the Swift boaters on the case, can you imagine them turning this into the Obama Whitewater? My goodness, where do we root here?

There's lots to report on this breaking story, but I'll let others do it.

The NY Times reports is here, with this perfect photo of the Rhee personna.

Candy Peterson from DC has this up on her blog.

Nov 21, 2009

Michelle Rhee, The Fixer Did Damage Control After Sex Charges Against Kevin Johnson

If you haven't read this already it is a 'must read' Examiner Exclusive by Byron York with Bill Myers contributing to the report. It reads like an episode from Dominick Dunne's TV show Power, Privilege and Justice. It confirms my belief that no 'reign of terror' lasts forever. I'd be interested to hear how you think this drama will play out. I have posted this Examiner story in its entirety.


  1. Here's another one of Kevins' articles, in case you're interested:

    Hope this helped.

  2. The local blog in Sacramento about school issues is the SCUSD Observer:

    The current post is the following list of resignations:

    Below is a very partial list of individuals, connected to Kevin Johnson, who have resigned from their posts or been dismissed over the course of the current year.

    June, 2008 – Kevin Johnson resigns as CEO of St. Hope and is elected Mayor of Sacramento in November 2009

    February, 2009 – Sarah Z’Berg, Johnson’s administrative assistant, resigns (after only a few months) to take a job at the Capitol. Johnson’s special assistant, Chris Young, resigns to take a job in Obama administration

    March, 2009 – Bernard Bowler, St. Hope Board member, resigns
    Lori Mills, St. Hope Board member, resigns
    Sam Oki, St. Hope Board member, refuses comment on resignations/investigation involving St. Hope and eventually resigns

    April, 2009 – Robert Trigg, St. Hope Board member, resigns

    May, 2009 – Rick Maya, executive director of St. Hope, resigns

    June, 2009 – Inspector General Gerald Walpin is dismissed

    August, 2009 – Kim Curry-Evans, Director of 40 Acres Art gallery, resigns

  3. "Corporation [for National and Community Service] board chairman Alan Solomont, a major Democratic donor and Obama supporter, took the unusual step of going to the White House to report the events of the just-concluded meeting and recommend that Walpin be fired."

    Just for fun, Google their two names together:

    "Eli Broad" "Alan Solomont"


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