Thursday, February 25, 2010

Evil Moskowitz/Joel DeKlein Lovefest

Evil was in the house last night with loads of the HSA gang. What a good time for this story to come out on the day after. The Daily News did a Freedom of Information (FOIL).

Klein helped Evil get a million bucks from Eli Broad. Must have come in handy last night for the buses and pizzas. Charters who cry they don't get the same money as public schools always seem to have bus and food money.

Eli also gave Randi a million for the UFT charter school. Did Klein also help his friends out too? Can someone FOIL the Randi/Klein emails?

Here is a link to the must read Gonzalez piece. Photo from the DN web site enhanced by Bellel.

Read the email exchanges between Eva Moskowitz and Joel Klein.

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