Friday, February 5, 2010

Removal of Paul Robeson Principal a Sign of DOE Manipulation

The removal of Paul Robeson principal Ira Weston for alleged drinking and excessive absence is an indication that though the alternative to closing a school is leadership change, the fact that that option was not considered – until the schools' closing was announced, that is– is an indication of the real motives for closing Robeson: to give way to a brand new local charter school in the area. Lindsey Christ at NY1 reported that, "Sources in the department say Weston's performance as principal has been disappointing for years..."

DOE spokesperson David Cantor was quoted in the Daily News article: "If we thought a school could turn around simply through a leadership change, we would simply change the leadership."
See stories in the Daily News, and NY Post.

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  1. The Post ran a story about the International HS prom where a teacher who had sex with a student was fired. At the same prom the principal and teacher chaperones were DRINKING. Will they be removed?


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