Tuesday, February 23, 2010

On Boycotts on Paperwork

In ref to yesterday's post on paperwork and lack of UFT response:

I received some email saying a boycott wouldn't work.

I am not saying do this just anywhere. The UFT should look for the most vulnerable principal who is forcing this down peoples' throats. Hold meetings with the staff to prepare them. Have a strategy in place to respond if people are harassed. Make a big deal of it. Create a confrontation with the DOE in every forum. Press conf etc. By focusing on one school - it is like a magnifying glass. Expand to the district if this is widespread.

There needs to be some creative thinking at the UFT. But if there is not we have to do it ourselves.

Ed Notes and maybe ICE might set up a task force to address these issues. Get case studies school by school. Let's target the most abusive principals and expose the lack of UFT action at the district level. Embarrass the Dist rep and borough office.

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