Sunday, February 7, 2010

Joel Klein is Not the Culprit!

The emphasis on Joel Klein as the culprit and not on Bloomberg (one of the biggest misleading roles the UFT has played) is dangerous in that Klein could disappear and nothing will change or things will get worse - he plays the role Paul Vallas played in Chicago from 1995 through 2001. Who replaced Vallas - the slicker and less offensive Arne Duncan who is leading the Obama attack on public schools.

The problem is mayoral control and the national attack on public education not Joel Klein. There is a version of Joel Klein in every big city under attack. Let's keep our eye on the prize.

Klein may be on the ropes due to the pounding he is beginning to take from the Black and Latino/a community (teachers' voices as critics don't count.)

Let's not be fooled if they pick what looks like a benign educator. They did that in LA where Ramon Cortines is doing exactly what Klein is doing here.

Sort of reminds me of how many people are getting fooled by Randi's hand picked successor whose differering style plays better but we will see as time goes by, with the same results. Unfortunately, he will be able to skate by through this UFT election cycle. Don't you love those cute "militant" UFT ads running at the cost of millions?


  1. Let's not forget the same is true for Obama. So often I see people slam Duncan for the pro-charter/pro-privatization policies, but not Obama.

    These policies happen because the corporate whore in the White House wants them to happen.

    Just as what happens here in NYC is because Bloomberg wants it to happen.

  2. Well, if you are interested in controlling the education cost, you have not choice but to squeeze poor teachers, who rightfuly or wrongfuly consume 70-80% of the school budget.
    Justice or fairness are always second, if not third or forth, to the cost concerns. Having said that, it does not mean that there is nothing to be done on individual cases. Teachers as a group are screwed.

  3. He may not be in charge--after all, he isn't a real chancellor, but a mouthpiece--but he carries out the orders. Last I heard, just following orders wasn't precisely the most effective defense ever.

    However, I have no doubt if he were to depart, Mayor Mike would find someone even worse to take his place.

  4. Joel Klein is a professional assassin paid by King Mike.

  5. and after Klein is not the culprit, Mulgrew is the culprit. Call me a unity hack but what fun it is to be work all opposition

  6. The notion that Norm does no work is idiotic. The notion that no one in the opposition does any work is stereotypical and ignorant.

  7. Let's not leave Michelle Rhee off the list.

  8. Absolutely, Klein is the straw man for Bloomberg's agenda.
    However, as our blogger friends that concentrate on rubber room issues, Klein is indispensible for the various anti-teacher plans (PIP+, TPU, 3020a's, etc). It is no accident that Bloomberg chose a lawyer to oversee the myriad of the "gotcha" moves against teachers.

    We really need to direct more of our ire against Arne Duncan. He is pursuing an identical agenda against the large traditional high school, is identical to Klein in his lack of an educator background, is identical to Klein scapegoating teachers.
    All the more stinging is the disappointing veneer of "progressivism" that Duncan brings to this discussion. Duncan's identical strategic vision to Klein and Rhee indicates that the Democrats have no more a constructive vision than the Republicans.
    Let's shift the focus to Duncan.


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