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Create Ties Between OWS and Attack on Ed Deformers

UPDATED: Oct. 16, 8AM

Occupy the PEP! Occupy the DoE!! Occupy Mayoral Control! 
"Mayoral Control = Authoritarianism and Tyranny by the 1%"

Mark Naison: Occupy The Public Schools? Will ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Trigger A Movement to Reclaim Our Schools From Test Driven Pedagogy

I know there are a lot of teachers working with the OWS crowd - there is even a Grade-In planned at the orange cube today from 12-3. But we are just beginning to see some connections being made between the bankers and corporations and the role played by leading ed deformers, who have taken over our urban public school system. Today I spent the day at the Trial of Bloomberg and his cronies just blocks from Liberty Square and many participants were anxious to get over there. But the trains have have not quite met yet - but we're working on it. Maybe a march from the Delegate Assembly this Weds when it ends at 6PM up the few blocks to OWS to show support.

I really have so much to report but so little time. The movie showing Friday night went really well and the discussion afterwards was packed full of ideas - really the kind of debate that should be taking place on education. I'll write a more extensive report later.

The event with Dr. Yong Zhao on Oct. 12 that GEM co-sponsored with other groups provided valuable insights into why "It's time to change the stakes" - our slogan for the campaign. He was a fabulous speaker - and also very funny. I  put the entire event up on vimeo - first his speech and then the Q/A. Really worth viewing if you have some time.

As the opt-out movement grows (and let's tie the high stakes testing to corporate greed due to how much money is to be made) - and it will grow - we will begin to see threats and intimidation against parents and children - and teachers who support it. But just like OWS, it may become too big to control. One of our aims here is to tie the ed deformers into the general attack on Wall Street banks, not a tough sell. The Real Reform crew here is already talking about some targets for marches and rallies. Half-Whitney Tilson is near the top of my list.

Peg, an Opt-out of testing parent activist says:

Teach at Your Occupy Movement Today. End Wall Street Occupation of Public Schools.

I have never been so excited to teach a class in my life.  I head down to Occupy Denver tomorrow  - class starting at 1:30 p.m. – to begin to share information on how to end Wall Street Occupation of our public schools.
Peg's blog has this message at the top of the side panel:

United Opt Out National

End High Stakes Testing. Save and Improve our Public Schools.

Here is a chart from MucketyMap showing the interlocking directorate of corporate control

Finally, here is a wonderful video showing "this is what democracy looks like" at OWS. Thnaks to Bob G. for this message:

Here's a great, short video that shows how the General Assembly direct democracy/consensus/decision making process works with the Occupy Wall Street:folks.  These details are generally not covered by the mass media.  Also, note the viewers' comments.
Consensus (Direct Democracy @ Occupy Wall Street) :

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  1. Norm, the link to Yong Zhao's speech isn't working. I REALLY want to share it, so I hope you can remedy that.

    I hope you can appreciate this. As you may have read, two days ago (Friday morning, Oct. 14), Rupert Murdoch was keynote speaker at a conservative education reform conference organized by Jeb Bush at San Francisco's Sheraton Palace Hotel.

    A few blocks away, Yong Zhao was speaking at a downtown SF Marriott to the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents. (I was doing a paid job at the ALAS event and was able to hear about 25 minutes of Zhao's speech).

    It struck me as so meaningful, so important, that Zhao and Murdoch were speaking at the same time, so close together. It was like divinity vs. Satan, just plain good vs. evil. Let's all rise up singing: "Which Side Are You On?"

    Anyway, if Zhao's speech to GEM was similar, I would so love to be able to share the link. Thanks!

  2. The link has been fixed Caroline. Leonie asked me to do some editing and repost but it will be up for the next few days.


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