Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Join Me at Hofstra Today: Is "Reform" Killing or Reviving Public Education?

I'm on a panel at Hofstra from 4:30-6 this afternoon with NYC Charter School Center's Michael Regnier.  I don't usually do this sort of thing where I actually have to prepare a 15 minute presentation but I'm working on it so I don't just blather. Yelena Siwinski, CL of PS 193, is going with me for moral support. If you're in the neighborhood, come on down and ask Michael Regnier a question about charter schools.
4:30-5:55 p.m.
Is "Reform" Killing or Reviving Public Education?


Norm Scott, GEM (Grassroots Education Movement)

Michael Regnier, NYC Charter School Center

Moderator: Dr. Catherine DiMartino, Department of Teaching, Literacy and Leadership, Hofstra University
Mack Student Center

GEM film attracts 70
Just wanted to let you know that we had about 70 people turn out for the screening of your film last night - a UMass professor even brought her graduate class (Urban Education). We had a great discussion afterward and people were really inspired by the film!

And the UFT is still boycotting the film.

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  1. My alma mater~~!

    I live really close by and definitely doable if I have enough time in the afternoon.


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