Thursday, October 20, 2011

GEM ATR Committee Update: Meeting Today at 5pm

UPDATE: 40 People Attended Meeting at Skylight Diner tonight - details to follow in a Friday AM Post.


This meeting is part of a building effort to organize ATRs into an effective force. While we have reached 80 people on this list, that is far short of the numbers we need to have an impact. I got a lot of interest from chapter leaders and delegates today yesterday at the UFT meeting when I asked people to take a leaflet if they had ATRs in their building. There was a lot of interest and concern, which is a good sign that the message we aimed at from our first phone meeting - to make the non-ATR ed corps aware of the situation you face is getting through.

Keep reporting to us on your daily/weekly experiences. I'm posting on the sidebar of my blog and nycatr is posting the longer pieces.

Here are the links:

Delegate Assembly
I can't give a complete report because I was downstairs handing out our leaflet for most of the meeting.

I did hear Mulgrew say there has been a reduction in ATRs to about a thousand. With a large number of schools slated to be closed - including many middle schools - means there will be no end to the ATR creation process. As the TJC leaflet proclaimed: WE ARE ALL ATRs!

An ATR asked a question and some people felt Mulgrew as nasty to her. The question came up as to how ATRs vote in an election if they are in different schools every week. Leroy Barr spoke against the idea of a chapter. There's more and I spoke to an ATR who was present who promised to give a report one exactly what occurred.

The TJC resolution which we endorsed never got to the floor.
Members of TJC handed out their leaflet and we handed out the generic GEM leaflet.
See jpgs of the leaflets at the end of  this email.

Meeting Prep
We've been getting emails and calls from ATRs interested in what we are doing. Some have previous commitments but want to be kept in the loop.
We are forming an agenda for the meeting. If you have input send it along.
We want the meeting to be productive - how do we grow the group, what impact we could have with higher numbers,
We do not want the meeting to turn into a gripe session about the DOE and the UFT. Or telling of personal stories.

Continue to monitor ICE, NYCATR, Chaz and Ed Notes (I have been putting up comments from ATRs through the day as they come in on the sidebar.)

Legal action
One issue that is expected to come up at the meeting is legal action. This will engender a full discussion of the pros and cons.

We receive this email from an attorney tonight. He could be legit or just looking for business.  We could consider inviting him to a future meeting.
ATR/Attorney has suggestions for GEM ATR agenda


I am an ATR and an attorney.

I would like to compliment you on the fine coverage of this scenario on your blogs.

I am unable to attend the ATR meeting, however I thought I would like to add a number of items to the GEM agenda:

1. I read only a few comments on the blogs about the necessity of either obtaining legal representation for the ATR's and/or the filing of an age discrimination complaint.  The age discrimination issue was briefly discussed at one of the borough meetings and was summarily dismissed in the process.  That was the UFT's position, but it is certainly not the in the best interest of the ATR's.

2.  The United States Equal Opportunity Commission  ( handles complaints related to civil rights violations, which  including age related and racial discrimination against local govenments and unions.

3. The number of ATR's is not clear, however it would appear that 1000 ATR's could make a payment towards retaining an employment law firm.

4. Time is of the essence in filing legal actions. If legal action is taken against the DOE, there might be only 90 days to file a Notice of Claim against the City.

Finally, it would appear that there is a serious need to obtain contact information for ALL ATR's.  What is being done to organize the entire group?

Souverain: the part about 90 days on an EEOC claim is dubiousI thought it was more like a year or 300 days in NYS

S: Unfortunately, I can't make the meeting tonight but I hope I will be able to attend the next one. I think one issue that needs to be addressed is how the schools using day to day subs in long term positions. Also, how the ATR weekly placements are sending teachers to schools with no vacancies.....

Check out Norms Notes for a variety of articles of interest: And make sure to check out the side panel on the right for important bits.


  1. "Ednotes","Ice","tjc","chaz" and others have been active for a long time. .However they are still completly unknown to the majority of the uft members.The other day I met a teacher who has worked for the doe for the last 30 years.She never heard about "Ednotes"... .We must find effective solutions for informing the members about these blogs.

  2. Is there a way you can have these meetings in other boroughs and at an earlier hour???

  3. I agree. I have kids under 12 at home and a husband who works nights, so after school, I can't wander too far from home. But I'd love to attend a meeting/happy hour.


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