Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video: Jaisal Noor at Save Our Schools

I've done videotaping at many events with Jaisal, who really knows how to tell a story. So well, I'm jealous. I often just try to copy what he is doing, from camera angle to just point my camera while he interviewing people.

I have a bunch of raw videos  up from the same SOS event that you can see at Speeches by Kozol, Meier, Carlsson-Paige, and entire workshops. Here Jaisal gets a lot of the essence of SOS in 9 minutes.
Hey folks,

I wanted to request you all check out and tweet/facebook/ blog my report from the SOS conference in early August (I know several people on the listserve were present as well). I spoke to teachers and activists from across the country.

The video already has 2,000 hits since it was released Friday morning and I'm getting lots of good feedback. I'm hoping to get to 3,000 by tomorrow!
Jaisal Noor

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