Monday, September 17, 2012

Global Solidarity for Chicago

Global Solidarity

"Teachers are placed in a position where they have to defend themselves and their students to save our system of public education.  I applaud and support the teachers, clinicians and paraprofessionals in Chicago for their courageous act.  You take this bold action on behalf of our nation.  Si Se Puede," Dolores Huerta, president Dolores Huerta Foundation for Community Organizing, Co-Founder United Farm Workers.

The Chicago Teachers Union wants to thank the many individuals and organizations who have written letters of solidarity or contributed to our Solidarity Fund over the last few weeks. The list below represents the many organizations to which the many individual contributors belong and organizations who have themselves written letters of support. People across the country and the world are looking at our confrontation with the Chicago Board of Education as a key fight against the specious attacks on our public schools and the teachers and paraprofessionals who make them work. Thank you for this tremendous outpouring of support that will help sustain us in our struggle for educational justice. See the map below and the list along with it (zoom out to see more far-flung supporters).

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