Saturday, September 15, 2012

Exclusive Video: Karen Lewis, at the AFT Peace and Justice Caucus, AFT Convention 2012

Don't call them reformers or even deformers. Call them what they are: privatizers. Don't call them Stand for children. I call them Stand on children. -- Karen Lewis
Karen was a panelist discussing rank and file teacher movements in a video I taped on July 27, 2012 at an AFT P&J caucus meeting. All the panelists were excellent.

In this video, which I edited down to 12 minutes, Karen touches on organizing efforts of CORE from their beginnings in 2008 with 8 people, each of whom recruited 8 more. Two years later they were running the union.

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Paul Hogan said...

She nailed it on the question of terminology.

If they're in fact about privatization... and all of the available evidence indicates that that is their *thrust* ( no matter what else they say) let's call them "privatizers".

"Deregulation" is another word that no one in this fight has thought about applying to the corporate agenda. Too bad, cause there's a lot of power in that word.... due mainly to its association with the recent, fresh-in-our-collective-memory "bank deregulation" catastrophe.