Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm Joining Yelena and Kit in Presenting at MORE's "The Nuts and Bolts of Leading Your Chapter" This Thursday

I am honored to join Yelena Siwinski, long-time elementary CL and Kit Wainer, one of the deans of CLs at MORE's upcoming summer series event from 4-6PM. I was one of the people pushing for MORE to do this training as soon as possible early in the summer since so many new chapter leaders were elected and might have some anxiety over the task they have undertaken. We will do another at the end of August to help people get ready for the new school year.  Mike Schirtzer will moderate. And then we drink and party

I was only CL for 4 years, one of which was a sabbatical. And that was near the end of my career. So I had a long view of that role and thought long and hard about how to build a chapter in a school with a domineering my way or highway, though not abusive, principal. And also as a CL who is critical, yet often dependent, on the union hierarchy. Yelena will talk about working with them from that perspective, especially since she is one of the few, if any, opposition people who has a part-time staff position at the Brooklyn Office.

I think I did a lot of interesting and innovative things as CL - which I will share on Thursday. I hope there is room as the response had been large. If you are a current or former CL come on down and provide support for these new CLs who have taken on quite a task.

The Nuts and Bolts of Leading Your Chapter
Open to all newly elected or veteran chapter leaders, delegates, consultation/SLT committee members, para-reps, and anyone interested in getting more involved in their chapter.
This Thursday July 9th 4pm-7pm
The Dark Horse Pub
17 Murray St. NYC (downstairs)
Near City Hall, Chambers St., WTC
 Experienced chapter leaders will provide workshops on:
Getting your members involved
Enforcing contractual rights
Planning chapter and consultation meetings
Fighting back against administration
Building allies in PTA/SLT
Filing grievances
Working with your District/Borough Representatives

Facebook link here
For those that can not make this session we will have another one on August 20th, same time and location

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