Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Farina and DOE Often Operates in Bloombergian Manner

I know I have asked it before on this list, but it bears repeating, until we can answer it:  at what point does doing the same thing- enacting the same discriminatory admissions policies - that result in such disparate impacts on schools, families and students- constitute active discrimination that must be addressed and reversed? --- Lisa Donlan, District1, NYCEDNEWS Listserve
I saw Lisa's response below on the listerve which supplements my earlier post this morning,

On Class Size, VAM, Renewal Schools Is Farina as Bad as Joel Klein - OR Worse because we expected better

UFT All In with Farina
Before I get to Lisa's comments I want to make the key point that the UFT is all in with De Blasio and Farina and blasts their critics - sometimes using Leo Casey tweets to go after them - groups like MORE and people like Leonie Haimson.

Lisa is an astute an observer as there is on the NYC ed scene:

Yes this seems to be a total blind spot in the administration's lens: 
that racial, economic and ethnic segregation, resulting often in high concentrations of high needs students in some schools, while other schools serve very few at-risk students,  is not an urgent, systemic  problem we need to address if we hope to improve the NYC public school system.

When CEC 1 launched a year long diversity workshop initiative
 (see results here: at a Town Hall w/ the Chancellor last September we presented a ton of data about the segregation and stratification of our local schools- 
see here:
which we have demonstrated is in large part due to the open market, unbridled choice system for stunt enrollment in place since Bloomberg was given Mayoral control of the schools and dismantled our controlled version of choice that looked to increase equity of access and improve school diversity, with the goal of all of our neighborhood schools serving all the children n the community equitably.
see here:

The response we got was called 'Bloombergian' by the media:

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  1. Jim Crow is alive and well. Malcolm was right. The chickens are coming home to roost.

    Abigail Shure


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