Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ding Dong - Finally, an End to our National Nightmare: Elvin is Gone From John Dewey HS - It takes a lifetime to remove a principal

Congrats to the staff of John Dewey HS, many of whom fought a great battle to rid the school of Elvin.

I posted the complete 22 page OSI report in google docs.

We've been on the case here at Ed Notes for over a year. Finally, Kathleen Elvin is gone - the worst thing she did was not the cheating - it was how she treated teachers. Does that single parent veteran she discontinued last year as a way to retaliate against the union get her job back?

At a PEP I challenged Farina directly in this issue of pulling teachers for anything while leaving charged principals in power to harass people and end their careers.
A contact connected to Dewey emailed this was about to go down.
I told him from they will get a worse principal in retaliation for their embarrassing Farina. So have your party and get ready for the next slug.

Here is a report from Farina's office.
Today, we are releasing the Office of Special Investigations report on allegations surrounding credit recovery and grading/credit improprieties at John Dewey High School (21K540). The report is attached, and a statement attributable to Chancellor Carmen Fariña and background information is below.

Statement attributable to Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña:

“The results of the investigation are disturbing and show there was a failure to follow the DOE’s protocol during the 2013-2014 school year. We have begun the process to have Ms. Elvin’s employment terminated, and she will be removed from payroll shortly. Ensuring every New York City student is meeting the high-quality standards necessary to graduate is an imperative and we are retraining principals across the City to ensure these standards are upheld.”

On background:

*During the summer, there will be a training for superintendents and principals on credit recovery protocol to ensure this does not occur again.
*This investigation concerned allegations related to credit recovery and credit/grading improprieties during the 13-14 school year. Any allegations of similar misconduct during the 14-15 school year should be reported to Special Commissioner of Investigation.
*The new principal at John Dewey High School will be a Master principal as part of our Ambassador program, Connie Hamilton. She is the current principal of Kingsborough Early College School.


Devora Kaye
Press Secretary, NYC Department of Education
NY Post:


  1. This is just one school with a very courageous staff! The same thing is going on all over the city high schools with piles of essentially forged diplomas. Teachers/counselors who are most compliant are rewarded with buckets of money and even jobs as administrators. Where is the NYSED?
    The kids are quite wise to the little but roam the halls for four or more years knowing they get a diploma anyway.

    How much are principals being paid for each forged document?

    Where is the NYSED?

  2. Where was the John Dewey High School Alumni Association in all of this? They knew what was going on and did nothing! They talk about the teachers that they loved and how much they want to help Dewey, but during its biggest crisis they didn’t do a fucking thing! Thank you guys for watching your Alma mater being destroyed by criminals while the “old teachers” that you profess to love were harassed into early retirement or into a different school!

  3. Lesson Plan on the Right Way to Say Goodbye

    Collectible Do Now: Collect your belongings and leave now! You have three minutes!

    Lesson Motivation: Charges against you have been substantiated by the DOE’s Office of Special Investigations. Is that enough motivation for you to leave?

    Turn and Talk: NO!!!! Do not turn and talk to anyone! Just keep your eyes pointed straight ahead and LEAVE!!!!!

    Mini Lesson: Mini Lesson? You want a mini lesson? No way lady! This calls for a Big Lesson and here it is:

    Never again rule by intimidation and micromanagement! Never engage in filthy malfeasance such as credit recovery fraud just to boost your reputation in the public’s eye while hundreds of students are sent off to college and careers without having developed the necessary skills. If you don’t have the talent and ethics required of a leader, then don’t try to lead!

    Exit Ticket: You want an exit ticket? Okay, here's and exit ticket, a one way EZ Pass (the real EZ Pass). Take it and leave!

    Lesson Assessment: She never returns!

    Extra Credit: Take some of your assistant principals with you!

  4. Wish I knew who wrote the above comment on Lesson Plan. It is brilliant. Thanks.


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