Thursday, January 21, 2016

Federal Civil Rights Complaint vs Success Charter Academy's Systematic Violation of Disabled Students' Rights

Success Charter Network, founded by Eva Moskowitz, is now facing another investigation. A FERPA complaint by Fatima Geidi to the US Department of Education on Eva Moskowitz's violation of student privacy by releasing a student's disciplinary records was filed in October. 

Yesterday, it was announced that SUNY, the charter chain's authorizer, is investigating the Success Network's disciplinary and suspension practices, including the infamous "Got to Go" list first reported by the NY Times.
......Leonie Haimson, NYC Public School Parents
More yummy news since our earlier report

Success Academy Teacher Quits: Evil Eva Should Be Investigated for Child Abuse and Teacher Bullying

Reports coming in from Haimson, Ravitch via NY Daily News' Juan Gonzalez.

The FERPA complaint by Fatima Geidi?
Jia Lee has been teaching Fatima Geidi's child who was pushed out of Success and Jia has been involved in supporting Fatima and her child, both of whom attended the MORE education conference in November.

Federal Civil Rights Complaint vs Success Charter Academy's Systematic Violation of Disabled Students' Rights

Now  parents of 13 special needs students,. along with Public Advocate Letitia James and City Council Education Committee chair Danny Dromm, have filed a formal complaint with the Civil Rights division of the US Department of Education..
Some of the claims include refusing disability services required by law to the students, and harassing parents to force their children to transfer out of the charter chain into public schools. You can read more in this article by Juan Gonzalez here.

From the complaint, it is apparent that Success Academy's systemic violations include pushing students out via repeated suspensions, many times without due process and without reporting them as such, holding them back, denying them services, and shaming them.

You can read the full complaint at Leonie's blog:

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