Friday, January 8, 2016

MORE Migration to Stronger Together in Port Jeff Station, Live Cast on Google Hangouts

A bunch of MOREs are heading east to the Island for the ST conference with Jia Lee headling (Stronger Together Conference in Long Island Saturday, Jan. 9).

My weekend plans fell through so I signed up Thursday night and soon after I got a call from Brian St. Pierre, VP of the Port Jefferson Station Teachers Association ( asking me if I would join him in doing a workshop on Unity Caucus power on the city, state and national levels. Here is Brian's latest update on the conference.
Our registration... has... far exceeded our initial goal. It is really exciting to see such a desire for this sort of thing among our public education teachers and allies in the area.

As a result of the larger than expected attendance, we have added a fourth workshop to both workshop sessions. During the first session Jia Lee will be facilitating a workshop on Teachers of Conscience and during the second workshop Norm Scott and I will be facilitating a workshop dealing with the history of Unity Caucus' control of our unions and how it has resulted in a wholly undemocratic, top down union model along with what we can do about it.

We will be using Google Hangouts On Air to broadcast the panel discussion portion of the event live, so if anyone has friends outside the area who can't make it they should follow @STCaucus on Twitter and we will be tweeting out the link to watch it live (or later on) on YouTube.
Well, gotta go drag out my old notes from the summer MORE workshops and print my graphic of how the Unity machine operates. Then early to be and early to rise (I hope).

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