Saturday, January 9, 2016

Memo from the RTC: Acting Up With Franky

Norm tells Annapurna Sinha about the moose as Frank Caiati directs Photo: Rob Mintzes

Memo from the RTC: Acting Up With Franky
By Norm Scott

“Get in his face,” says acting teacher Frank Caiati to the actress, a sweet mild-mannered woman doing a monologue from the play “Misery” as her victim lies there helplessly. “Go nose to nose,” he urges as she moves closer and closer. The class breaks into applause as she screams in the guy’s face.

Thus goes Frank’s Sunday morning Rockaway Theatre Company acting class where he pushes both experienced actors and others like me who just dabble to do things they haven’t imagined doing before. To look at the characters they are playing from all angles.

I’ve been taking Frank Caiati’s acting classes at the Rockaway Theatre Company for a number of years. I would never have dared step on stage when I first started. I decided to do a Woody Allen monologue about shooting a moose. Frank has me do it talking to a woman waiting at  bus stop. Her reactions have the people in the audience as much in stiches as the story I am telling.

This is as good a 2 and ½ hours one can spend on a Sunday morning.  Watching how he massages the roles and also the acting exercises he has us do. Some of these people have been seen playing major roles in RTC productions over the years. Frank will have us all do a show for an invited audience at some point soon.

In the meantime, the RTC crew is heating up for the coming of Shrek Jr., the show involving 90 young children and teens who have been working since September at the Children’s Workshop. The talent is so deep that 2 casts are necessary. The show opens Friday Jan. 29 (7PM) and runs for 3 weekends with 4 performances each weekend, including Fri/Sat nights and Sat/Sun 2PM matinees through Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14. Tickets are only $10. Nine out of the 12 performances are already sold out  so better move fast:

In the meantime, auditions have been announced for the 7 roles in ‘The Sunshine Boys,” opening April 1. Sunday, January 31, 6PM-8PM and Monday, February 1, 7PM-9M at the RTC.

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  1. Seeing Norm doing a Woody Allen monologue on stage = Bucket List


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