Monday, January 18, 2016

Download The MORE Newsletter - Featuring Eterno, Goldstein, Wainer

  • James Eterno (ICE blog) on class size.
  • Arthur Goldstein (NYC Educator) on why he support Jia Lee for UFT President.
  • Kit Wainer on what changes MORE would bring to the UFT.
Three of the most experienced and knowledgeable chapter leaders over the past 20 years in the UFT.

One of the key indicators of growth in an opposition is the ability to reach into a number of schools with a smoothly running distribution network not just for UFT election years but on a permanent basis as a way to counter the Unity Caucus propaganda machine.

See NYC Educator on the costly Mulgrew propaganda send to every school:
We Finance the Mulgrew Campaign
The hope is that after the election, MORE will be able to do deliver a newsletter into an expanding list of schools at least 4 or 5 times a year.

One of the reasons Unity can so dominate the union is their ability to reach every UFT member fairly easily. All of you out there who complain about the union leadership can help with this effort by contacting me.

I helped put together this MORE newsletter as a counter to the usual flyers. I believe thoughtful content matters. I put the crew on a word limit count to make it fit and printed 10,000 copies which have pretty much gone into the schools and at the DA. A professional designer reworked it for this electronic version which you can print out and share with people in your school.

Here is the link at MORE where you can download and print this 2-sided newsletter.

Below are sample jpgs for your perusal. 

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