Thursday, August 11, 2016

How one Queens high school became a safe haven for children fleeing Central America

A good public school story from Chalkbeat for a change about QIRT at the Far Rockaway HS campus, a school with a great principal. How do I know? Jeff Kaufman, who has rarely seen a good principal in his career, teaches there and he raves about Carl Manalo who came to Jeff's defense when the DOE tried to make Jeff an ATR even after he won when his old vicious principal's attempt to 3020a him last year and insisted that Jeff remain at the school. Jeff now teaches coding at the school and this summer is teaching an AP coding class.

I am considering going over there as a volunteer this fall.

With all the talk about immigrants and refugees, Manalo stands out for the support he gives his students and teachers.

Jeff is still peripherally involved in union politics and informs me how Unity/UFT is useless in supporting their members. How ironic that they get more protection from their principal than the UFT.

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  1. I happen to have worked with him a few years. It is true; he is an excellent leader. He truly cares about kids and believes in public schools. He is one of the best teachers with whom I have ever worked.


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