Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Art of the Deal: Trump Gets Strange Illness - for a $Billion, Democrats Left Speechless and Campaignless (Fantasy)

As the Trump campaign goes down in flames (even white make voters are getting edgy) it is hard to imagine there will not still be an attempt to come up with another candidate. His bizarre behavior might even be aimed at putting Republicans in a position of coming up with enough cash to get him to suffer from a malady that his doctors say will force him to drop out.

I got an inkling at a family gathering the other day where a white male avid Trump supporter was having doubts. He would never vote for Hillary but might vote for Gary Johnson or not vote at all.

So would you be surprised to see behind the scenes moves to pay Trump off to drop out?

Imagine if Trump pulled out of the race today and was replaced by (choose 1): Pence, Ryan, Cruz, Rubio, Bush, Romney, Walker, Mickey Mouse, a gopher.

Can Hillary beat any of the above?

Now imagine what the Democratic Party campaign, which is totally based on inciting fears of Trump, would look like. In fact it would be in shambles.

I am not one of those people who fear Trump more than other Republican potential candidates. In fact I believe they are all worse, temperament aside.

So my worst fear is that Trump is not the candidate, which I am feeling increasingly he won't be and therefore we end up with a president not named Clinton anyway.

I am still leaning toward voting got Jill Stein because of the annoying Democratic campaign which spends so much time talking about Trump. I mean, if you imagine the scenario above there would be such panic because what else would they be able to say about running against a gopher? or a mouse?

How annoying do I find Hillary's rising inflection at the end of her sentences - why can't she find a way to deliver a line after all these years?


  1. You should run Norm! I will set up a PAC - Educators for Success. No e-mail communication will be allowed in your campaign.

    Abigail Shure

  2. I am on board with that Norm!!

  3. Teachers For Trump! If the election is held today, he wins. You are merely whistling through the Clinton Cemetary, where all the skeletons dance...

  4. ...but vote Jill Stein anyway...good move...


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