Saturday, August 13, 2016

Jeff Bryant: Is Tim Kaine a Sign Democrats Are Leaving the 'Education Reform Camp?' reviewing Kaine’s education policy chops, what’s in his record may not be as important as what isn’t: the current education establishment’s policy checklist of standardization, high-stakes testing, allowing charter schools to sort students by income and ability, and keeping teachers under the authoritative thumb of test-based evaluations – there’s none of that.... The years progressives have put into organizing, voicing opposition to current education policies, and calling for new directions in education are likely having an effect on “this new Democratic Party” too. No wonder people who’ve enjoyed their cushy places at the top are nervous. --- Jeff Bryant
DFED - Democrats for Education Deform
Hmmm. On the surface there is something I like about Tim Kaine though I don't know much. His wife was Virginia education commissioner and supposedly not a heavy ed deformer. Despite claims that   supporters of Vermont U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders have substantially altered how public education is framed in the Democratic Party platform, I don't trust platforms, especially since Randi Weingarten is being given credit for some of the language in the platform. Ed issues were basically absent from any of the debates between Hillary and Bernie.

So I'm pretty disappointed that the pro-Bernie educators has very little impact on him in relation to education issues, which were practically buried in the primaries. As for Hillary -- there this comment from Michael Fiorillo who sent us the Jeff Bryant piece. 
We'll see... I'm inclined to think Hillary will betray us, since as a general rule that's what she does... Michael Fiorillo
Jeff Bryant is a reliable reporter on ed issues, lining up against the ed deformers so I find this an interesting piece.

Is Tim Kaine a Sign Democrats Are Leaving the 'Education Reform Camp?'

Kaine is not a fan of high stakes testing, charter schools, or other pillars of reform orthodoxy.


  1. I am not buying it. Actions speak louder than words. Is Clinton going to disappoint her billionaire buddies for a bunch of schleppers like me?

    Abigail Shure

  2. I agree with Abgail. Any faith in Clinton will result in nothing but disappointment. She will do nothing to stem the tide of ed deform. Roseanne


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