Monday, October 10, 2016

My thoughts on the post election: Republicans Will Try to Impeach Hillary, Bernie Supporters Will pressure Hillary from the Left

As Hillary looks more likely to win, events are moving ahead to the 2020 election. The contenders on the Republican side will include a vast array, including the guy some consider a new star, Mike Pence - who frankly, scares me more than Trump. Actually, so do all the other Republicans.

Republican strategy since the Bill Clinton days has been to obstruct any Democratic president and that will continue for the next 4 years - even denying Hillary a supreme court nominee unless he/she resembles Scalia. They will walk away from this election feeling they would have won with just about anyone but Trump so they will feel pretty sure they will win in 2020 and Jimmy Carterize Hillary -- unless for some reason Hillary decides to be a 1-termer -- say for reasons of health. Or things get so bad ala Lyndon Johnson who alienated the left in the Dem Party and she can't run again because it would be so obvious she couldn't win. Like imagine Hillary embroils us in more wars.

One way to tie Hillary up would be for the House to impeach her and even though the Senate would not find her guilty, they could tie her up in knots like they did to Bill in the final years of his term. My guess is they would build toward this and wait until after the mid-term elections in 2018 when the party in power always loses seats and then go after her. The downside for them is that it might force her to announce she won't run in 2020 and open up the race to another Democrat, though I don't see any younger Bernies out there.

Trump gave us a hint in the debate at what is to come even if he doesn't win the election. The response from a significant portion of the public that Hillary belongs in jail means they can count on an excited base to support their actions.

As for the left, there is a loose and amorphous bunch of people and orgs that are voting for Hillary due to the Trump menace but their lack of love will harm her and they might even sit out the attack on her from the right. Or more likely will engage in their own attacks from the left.

The 2020 election campaign begins on November 9.

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