Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Why Does DOE Fight Open Meetings? What is Farina Hiding?

Holy charter school-like secrecy!

Leonie Haimson and others have led the fight to open up school leadership team meetings to public scrutiny. Yet despite losing in court - twice- the de Blasio and Farina admin continues to fight the open meeting law. Why? What could possibly be discussed as SLT meetings that would be of concern?

Leonie proclaims: Victory at last! NY Appellate Court Affirms School Leadership Team Meetings are Open to the Public 

Some people say that the DOE under deB and Farina is little changed from the way it operated under Bloomberg. Our UFT leaders may beg to differ since they think Farina and deB are just hunky dory.

More details at Leonie's blog.


  1. The DOE fought this because it doesn't want the public to see that SLT meetings are a sham, a way for the Principal to work her/his will on the school, with the ostensible (but largely meaningless) participation of parents, students and teachers.

  2. We live in a world of wikileaks now and oh how revealing wiki leaks has become. So, people no longer believe the koolade most organizations want to give out. INstead now people need to spy in order to get the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If we have to rely on people being honest in our society of today then forget it. Most organizations now have to be private because of the press. The media has become an extension of what ever political party it is connected to and most of the editorials are based on that fact. So, what we have now is a brutally dishonest press and media which has become the devil of society by playing stories to their benefit and not having any part of the real thats too much work to actually research the real truth and so what you get is propaganda from the days of the 19th century where the kings let the people know what they wanted them to know and believe and anyone who gets in the way is trashed because they can do it without any repercussions.

  3. TeachmyclassMrMayor(andyoutooMrMulgrew)Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 4:28:00 PM EDT

    Short of the threat of school closings, which they leave to the governor, teaching in NYC schools has gotten worse under current administration. There is far more micromanaging and far more paperwork. They scream that we have to "differentiate and do everything by checklist" at the same time. Anyone in UFT leadership that thinks any different is delusional, or just a sellout. There is no teaching, just folks making sure the laptops are charged.

    There are no consequences for anything. If you don't give 9,000 chances for make up work, you get targeted for not hitting passing percentages.

    College and career ready, what a joke. That's why every "graduate" comes back shell shocked. The real world, laughs at what Tweed calls college & career ready.

  4. Things are much, much worse under DaBozo than Bloomberg. Safety, respect, and our working environment is the worst I've ever seen. It's better to have a mayor that Mildew hates.


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