Friday, October 20, 2017

Abolish ATR Status? Unity Caucus Bellweather Peter Goodman

Abolish the ATR System, It Was Bad Policy in 2005 and Poor Policy Now. Teachers Belong in Classrooms.... Peter Goodman

Holy mother of crap --- Is a Unity stalwart now saying what Unity pushed through is bad policy?

Link sent to me by Bruce Markens -- basically the only non-Unity District rep for a decade -- the reason they ended district rep elections -- with this comment by Bruce:
Peter Goodman often "anticipates" what Unity winds up doing. If so, you should anticipate a Unity resolution arguing for abolishing ATR status.  Of course, whether such a resolution is actually implemented is a real question. The Unity folks mainly want a PR response to the very problem they created and are embarrassed by Karen Sklaire's exposing their indifference and contempt toward  ATRs  BTW, Karen's statement was brilliant..... Bruce Markens
Goodman talks about the orderly old system which was overturned by BloomKlein and Randi.
Teachers have been excessed from schools for decades, schools lost enrollment and the junior teacher was bumped and placed in another school in the district; it was an orderly procedure without favoritism or politics. In the late eighties the former Board of Education began closing schools, the Board and the Union negotiated a process; half the teachers in the replacement schools would be excess teachers from the closing school; although they did had to exhibit qualifications through an interview conducted by a Board-Union committee; once again, an orderly process.


  1. Resolutions don't mean squat and everyone knows it. The UFT needs to apologize for agreeing to the ATR agreement. (And yes it was an agreement which means the UFT was complicit in it's creation) Secondly, the UFT needs to work with the DOE to not only get rid of the ATR situation, but also to bring back seniority based transfers. Open market system is a complete sham and traps veteran teachers in crappy schools due to Fair Funding Formula.

  2. That's odd. I distinctly recall Peter Goodman writing about how wonderful the 2005 contract was, and how any little flaws with it could be easily remedied.


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