Sunday, October 29, 2017

Passing the Lemons: Principal at Urban Assembly School Given New Post

Read this NY Times piece on the story of another bullied student
who tried to commit suicide and how pleas from his grandmother were continually ignored. This is a story about student dying in a school of incompetent, uncaring administrators. And maybe the staff too -- but the fish rots from the head.

With the press screaming about ATRs being placed in schools where are the questions as to why this principal is not being brought up on charges of incompetence, if not an accessory to murder? Then again, if the fish rots from the head down, how about Farina who has put in so many awful admins, a way bigger problem than placing ATRs.

At School Where
Student Died, Bullying
Led to a Suicide Attempt


  1. Good piece Norm. It is true that the fish rots from the head. The kids
    are really not respected. The number of teachers in therapy and self medicating is indicative
    of the indifference as well.

  2. The powers that be don’t care about anything. Pass the buck.

    Remember this principal— she’s back in the news.


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