Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Puerto Rico Relief: Wonder Women Aixa and Jia Lead the Way

When Jia Lee told a group of people on FB she had bought a ticket to Puerto Rico with a return on the same day I said "WOW". Her intention was to bring supplies to our colleagues in the FMPR - a branch of the Teacher Union -- that has been ignored by the AFT. Aixa Rodriguez also tried to get on the flight. Jia had other commitments so Aixa took on the task and last Saturday delivered the goods to our good friend Mercedes Martinez, Pres of the FMPR who met her at the airport.

They are looking to do it again so so touch base with Jia and Aixa if interested in donating supplies.

Here is the gofundme link for donating money:

And some comments below are worth reading.
HV friends, two incredible NYC teachers, Jia Lee and Aixa Rodriguez just managed to collect and fly much needed supplies to Puerto Rico and hand deliver them to the FMPR, the Puerto Rico Teachers Association. I would like to help organize a similar effort from our neck of the words and support our fellow educators, many of whom have lost everything. Supplies being sent to the Island are horribly delayed due to the lack of a distribution system, ATMs are empty and few places are taking cards due to the lack of electricity. I'm looking for folks who may the availability to fly down, deliver supplies to the president of the FMPR, and turn right back around. I think we can easily crowd fund tickets for two people to go and fill 4 suitcases with batteries, flashlights, toiletries, personal hygiene items, etc. Would love for local unions to join the effort as well. What do you think? I may be able to travel but would prefer to go with someone.

Mercedes Martinez
Mercedes Martinez You guys are awesome. We love you guys and thank you deeply!!

Jia Lee
Jia Lee Love you guys Mercedes Martinez! We're with you!! You are not alone! Many people are seeing this and asking how they can connect! People are beautiful!

Mercedes Martinez
Mercedes Martinez You have me in tears. Solidarity is just a beautiful thing. Words can't express how I feel. Thanks to all of you.

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