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Mulgrew, Patrick Lynch, De Blasio - Commentaries and Opinions

Comments have been popping up on recent posts along these lines:
I think the only thing the protestors are accomplishing at this moment is the political destruction  of  de Blasio and creating the climate for a return to a Giuliani-type mayor. 
It's certainly beginning to look that way. Some teachers seem to be also taking an anti-De B stance, with one commenter wishing for the good old days of Bloomberg and even Giuliani. No matter what people think they think I still think that behind a lot of these feelings is the race issue. I'm just not articulate enough to flesh out my thoughts - it's the same feeling I have about the hatred for Obama that somehow seems to go a bit beyond what I saw even against Clinton. deB is coddling "them." And we know who "them" are.

And then there's the well-stream of support by some teachers for Patrick Lynch. Here is one with some ambivalence:
Lynch is a big problem and I have no respect for any union leader who does not want to be part of the solution. And his comments were truly disgusting, and I really don't like the guy. But the public and his dues-paying members love him. 
I personally despise Lynch. Sure he is standing up for his members as he should and don't we wish we would see Mulgrew doing the same. I reported on a teacher under assault by her administration  died recently at the age of 52 (Popular Teacher Dies Suddenly) a death some of her colleagues attributed to being brought on by the enormous stress the admins put her under I thought "is there blood on the hands?" But I didn't quite write it because I felt that would be going too far. Maybe not.

Then there was Lynch a few days later making what I thought was an outrageous comment about deBlasio blaming him for the murders of the cops using these exact words. I know some people - maybe like the commenter below - think Mulgrew should be like Lynch and call out administrators when a teacher under assault dies. I have mixed feelings. I'm guessing Mr. U below might not be ambivalent.
Union leadership
By Mr U.

Like him or not NYPD union leader Pat Lynch is doing what my Union leader has never done, speaking up and defending his rank and file. They organized job actions, went to the press, used social media, mobilized their delegates, and everyone spoke up for the PBA. They coordinated a media blast, turning their backs on a mayor who they feel betrayed them, even rumors of a work slow down. PBA members pooled money together and flew a sign over New York City attacking mayors. Say what you will, but every NYPD officer knows that their leader got their back. Police offers are closing ranks in New York City, they are defending each other. Officers are flying in from all over to show solidarity with their brothers.

Now compare this our teachers union. They mayor and governor stick an evaluation down our throats, we say thank you, in fact we ask for more. We demand 22 components and test based evaluations, even when our parents don't want it. Common core standards, which were created without one actual teacher, UFT president says he'll punch anyone who tries to take it away from us, even though teacher after teacher hates it. The mayor closes down schools and the profiteers come in to take up space, our Union leader says no problem. He even decides that we're going to get in the business of running charters. Contracts canceled in Philadelphia, unions destroyed in Wisconsin, schools closed en masse in Chicago, no one in the UFT cares. We can't can't even get the members from one school to show up to a protest against co-location at a public school 5 blocks away, never mind fly across the country.

Here's the deal, don't like him, don't agree with, doesn't matter: every PBA member knows Lynch and the officer standing next to him has his or her back. Go ask the average UFT member if they feel the same about Mulgrew, we all know not one of the 80,000 will say yes. PBA is winning the public relations battle, they have the mayor scared, and no way are they settling for the garbage contract now that the UFT got. Like it or not, Pat Lynch is showing you what a Union leader looks like.
Some more comments:

deBlasio could have chosen his rhetoric a bit more carefully when he made his public comments because it did cause a shit storm. Lynch is a big problem and I have no respect for any union leader who does not want to be part of the solution. And his comments were truly disgusting, and I really don't like the guy. But the public and his dues-paying members love him. Can't say that about Mulgrew who never should have sided with the likes of Sharpton. And wasn't it you who reported our Cope dollars are going to Sharpton??? It's like paying the Mafia for protection!! But it will be interesting to see how Lynch handles the up-coming contract. and if he does a better job than Mulgrew, then I have to respect that. Otherwise, Lynch would be a much better union leader if he works to repair the damage that is dividing this city. And I don't see that happening. on Teachers and Cops, Does de Blasio Have Blood on His Hands? -- Teacher Bloggers Peter and Patrick Chime in

Calling for a moratorium was not wrong. It was just a call and not banned. We still have free speech. But it would have been nice if it was honored to show the world that the protests are not about all police, but those that defy civil rights. But that's just me and it has nothing to do with being Liberal or not. The gesture would have done more good in the end because it's all about "public relations" no matter what the cause. And sometimes Liberals, Conservatives etc. forget that hence the closing of the government. There is a giant rift in this city and all sides need to be addressed. deBlasio made some huge errors in judgment IMHO, but I feel that way about his broken promises to educators during his campaign. It's his job to bring all sides together rather than enlarge the rift. I doubt he will be re-elected, and not just because of this. He has had an arrogance about him with the press, keeping appointments, and the new teachers' contract. But most of all on Marches Continue and Retro: Love me, I'm a liberal --- Phil Ochs 


  1. I've had the "talk" several times with my son about how to interact with police. It's a terrible fear and burden to be afraid like that. I have a relative who's retired police- a good guy, but there are bad apples in every profession.

    Personally, I wish all unions would stick together. Obviously the NYPD needs to change their ways- years of stop and frisk and quotas have damaged their relationship with many communities. They need to reinvent their "brand" as a competent and if not caring at least courteous.

    Teachers also need to reach out as well, if not individually, at least through the leadership. The UFT needs to unite with parents and communities. May be the UFT could nurture an activist corps of teachers and retirees who could meet regularly with community and parent groups to see how schools can serve the students and the community better. The membership could be kept informed of this through the union paper.

    Right now, I think all public employees are under attack. Teachers have been feeling this for awhile especially through charter schools. Whether they believe it or not, one day someone will try to privatize the police department. The only way public employees can head this off is to re-connect with the people we serve.

  2. Ambivalence???? I think I made a strong case for my not liking Lynch, but an even stronger case why those he represents would--along with the public. But my main thought was that Lynch should try to turn this around by meeting with fellow officers to discuss things like choke holds, calling for an ambulance immediately since the police cannot decide if someone is lying about a medical condition, and finding ways to bring the community and police together. Bratton was able to accomplish this under Giuliani, until Rudy got jealous!! I have a feeling deBlasio and Bratton are not on the same wave length. And deBlasio has never really reached out to Lynch. At least Obama did so to Republicans. So much that he gave away the store.
    My problem with deBlasio is he doesn't seem to care. He is late for appointments, he didn't go to Badillo's funeral, he is late for press conferences, he lied to teachers during the campaign, and he backed Cuomo over Teachout and let's not forget his long vacas.

    Now you may feel this is all race related, which really got my goat because it wasn't so and I was shocked you would put me in this category. I was just trying to look at this as a marketing strategy (something MORE and ICE never do and that's the main reason why they don't win elections.)

    As for having Rudy or Bloomberg back in office....perish the thought!!!! But they will return because deBlasio has proven what all the editorials said about him prior to the election....he indecisive. He couldn't handle Hillary's campaign. And yadda, yadda, yadda.
    I supported and voted for him. And after the fiasco with the charters, Cuomo and the double-standard contract, I wish I just stayed home instead of voted.

    1. I believe i meant my own ambivalence about the issue - I keep flip flopping based on the last person I spoke too. as for race issue _- i wasn't referring to yoru comment but to the general hatred I find for deB and Obama from people out where I live and from other quarters - I think race has an impact because of the vehemence they exhibit. Beyond just political disagreement.
      I think deB is done - and I also think that a heavy hittiing law enforcement dude will be in the wings - and pro cop and anti UFT. Curtains.

    2. Phew!! Glad that wasn't about me!!!

      Anti union for sure....especially teachers. But most of all anti public schools. Watch collective bargaining go out the window. And in this case the blood will be on deBlasio's hands for being just as ineffective as his mentor along with his sidekick Mulgrew. I doubt NYC will see another Democratic mayor unless it's a Neoliberal (Eva comes to mind). Cuomo will have fun this new legislative session. I can see him massaging his evil moustache (although imaginary). btw, did you read about what has happened in York, Pa???

    3. It won't matter who the mayor is, if we re-connect with the public, the public will be with us. Every time a teacher blames a student's misbehavior or lack of academic progress on the parents, teachers lose. The real problem, most of the time is poverty. When teachers drive the wedge between themselves and parents instead of the real foe, poverty (and its causes), teachers lose the hearts of parents and lose at contract time.

      A side note. I took a look at the UFT website and the Chicago Teachers Union website. The UFT's is very busy, but the CTU's stays on message.

  3. I think that the Mayor may have done himself a great and irredemiable disservice when he allowed the good Rev. Sharpton to sit at his right hand and Commissioner Bratton at his left hand during that execrable news conference last summer which appeared to show the public, and certainly the members of the NYPD, who was really running the show when it came to having the ear of the mayor on public safety issues. Al Sharpton represents to many moderate and conservative voters and to almost every NYPD officer the very anti-Christ and though BDB has huge support among the black community he may wish that he could free himself from the man who is now anchored very much around his ankle for the next three years in a way that could bring him down in 2017.

  4. If I had the opportunity to turn my back on Bloomberg, I would have not hesitated. Some bloggers are saying that it was wrong for the police to turn their back on deBlasio. Another is implying Bratton may have condoned this action--pretty stupid to make assumptions like that without proof. If Bratton were to leave, his replacement better have a good working relationship with the police otherwise matters will only get worse.

    We as union members should not be judging what other unions members are doing in a sign of protest against any mayor because it may come back to haunt us when we finally have a strong union leader who will take on the likes of a Bloomberg, Cuomo or Rudy in the future. (From my words to God's ear). Look at how the press and public treated Chicago teachers during their strike. In fact remember how Randi treated those who stood up against Gates at the convention?? Teachers have no backbone and we really need to develop one.

    In a few months time Cuomo will not only have Republicans on his side, but he will strong arm enough Democrats to overhaul teacher evals and the public school system in favor of charters. But I imagine more teachers voted for Cuomo than Teachout, or just did not vote at all. Where is the backbone? I bet when a pro law and order candidate comes around in 3 years, the police department will be out in force to vote their best interest or maybe to punish teachers because of Mulgrew's allegiance to Sharpton. We as teachers are always complaining that Reformers are making decisions without teacher input. The police also have to have input on their Reforms as well. And police have to have ownership on their actions. Horrible police actions can no longer be tolerated. Better the changes are approved by the rank and file unlike what Randi and Mulgrew did to us. Teachers had no input whatsoever on the evaluation process unless you count Unity Hacks.

    Whatever happens, this will effect the outcome of the next election. And it won't be good. How does Mayor Eva sound because she will have the blessings of both Republicans and Democratic Neo Liberals?

    1. I remember when an anti-police bill was about to be voted on. My NYPD relative told all his relatives to call the politicians (telephone numbers already looked up and given to NYPD members by the PBA) and let the pols know we were against the bill. We all called. The bill failed. What great solidarity they had- I wish all unions did.

  5. ANYONE pro cop is going to be anti UFT now. The rift MM opened up in August will last for a generation in the rank and file. That's a no brainer.
    I'm not ready to give up on bdb yet though. He'. s got time in office and that's time to make a difference. Good guy.

    1. Did you see the contract he gave us? Did you see how ATRs are treated under this contract? Did you hear Farina tell principals they can hire who they want--meaning no ATRs? Did you see how quickly Farina closed Jamaica High School over objections from the community leaders including the Queens Borough President? Did you see how he quickly folded on the charter issue? And he supported Cuomo over Teachout by applying pressure to the WFP along with Weingarten and Mulgrew. Watch him become silent when he is stripped over his mayoral control and Cuomo disseminates the union and makes the evaluations impossible to pass. And watch him with his closet advisor, Al Sharpton. This good guy couldn't go to Badillo's funeral because he had to work out instead? Way to honor the first New York Puerto Rican to become a member of Congress. Even if he and deBlasio had political disagreements, he is still the head of NYC and should have shown some respect. Good guys don't bite the hand that elected him. That's what mediocre politicians like Cuomo does.

    2. Anon. 2:19,
      You are 100% correct. My life as an ATR and city employee certainly hasn't improved since DeB took over. Ask any teacher and most will tell you things are worse. The Gothcha Squads are still in control, non-stop pointless PD, extreme micromanagement, no discipline or accountability, endless paperwork, etc,etc.. People like NYCDOEnuts keep hoping for DeB to do something (anything) to confirm their belief that he's a good guy. I believe he is, but whether he is or isn't is pointless. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. If DeB wants my continued support he needs to change the abysmal business model implemented by the previous administration and all the crap tied to it.

    3. If this guy isn't left enough for you, then I don't know who is, but I'm not down with it.
      Re Badillo, a man who ran on the republican ticket for mayor and, ultimately, worked for Giuliani, I don't think that's a way to judge a mayor. I think they best way to judge any local leader is to compare him with the last few (do you think he was better than Rudy? Better than Bloomberg? Have fun with that) and to judge how well he respects your own political voting bloc (my voting bloc is the teacher-unionist-dad-handsome dude who's over 40. I have a reasonable raise, and a modicum of respect back in my classroom and in my union hall. There is less stress back in my house because of it, so my kid is happier. He hasn't raised sales tax on clothes and he doesn't dislike the rock n roll I listen to). My block is much better off, so, yeah, he's a good guy.

      Get your head together!!! If you're on the left, you will not have this type of support for your point of view for at least a generation. THEN, you'll have my permission to gripe.

    4. Do you think Bronx ATR is on the left? Many UFT members if not most are center right.
      For many the lives of children outside their school or classroom is not of interest other than being able to complain how they can't teach because the parents are so bad.

    5. Hey NYCDOEnuts, I don need your permission to do or stay anything. Your logic simply doesn't hold water. We don't have a reasonable raise, or any respect in the classroom (I don't even have a classroom), or any respect in the union hall. Your block may be better off (!), but I don't know how that can be credited to DeB (unless it's unfettered marijuana consumption). As for your son's musical tastes and less stress, if that rationalizes your insistence on DeB being a good guy, so be it. As I said earlier, he probably is - but my professional life(and that of most teachers) and students is worse. By the way I'm certainly not on the left (or right), I'm on the side with common sense. Peace to you and your family - I have no animosity.

    6. Thanks BXATR. I actually wasn't thinking of you when I asked if you were on the left. It just a general statement. I am aware that you have only your perspective to think of and I totally respect it (in fact, I'm a little jealous of people who can think singularly. I'm 'nuts. I can't).
      One thing about our working conditions; I worked pretty hard to get people to vote against this contract back in May. Treatment of ATRs was a major reason for that and the meager raises were as well (needing a math degree just to understand it was yet another). On the whole, however, the contract brings an end to an unchecked war on all fronts against teachers in the classrooms. I am hearing of a reduction to the gotcha squad, reading about protections against having to write my own curriculum (I've never ever had that protection and let me tell ya, life is a lot easier without having to write whole curricula) and I'm also hearing of edicts to not go after every single teacher. Are there people still going after teachers? Sure. ATRs? You know, much better than I, that the answer to that is absolutely yes and I am most certainly not happy about that. But conditions on the whole are, in my opinion, better than what they were. I am way too smart to give MM credit for that, so I give it to BDB.
      (Not sure where the marijuana reference comes from but that's not me. I'm strange enough without drugs, tyvm).
      Happy New Year to you & yours.

  6. Mayor should dump Sharpton. Lynch and cops who turned backs should cease and desist their incendiary behavior. The REAL culprits here, DA Donovan, and the parasitic media whose profits are made fanning the flames of hatred , are getting off scot-free here. I support PD, but continuing in this manner will hurt their cause for years to come. They are too used to being coddled by Bloomberg. This shooting could have happened anyway, even if DeB took a much harder line against the initial protests, and instructed cops to bust heads. Why? The diabolical media would have found a way to

  7. (Cont) spin the hate and lies expertly as they always do-it is their business. Lets say that Mayor DeB took a hard line against the initial protests, culminating in , minimally, a nasty violent arrest scene at some point. The "media" would surely have spun that off as WW III, and the unhinged cop killer still could have struck . OR, drawing a line in the sand could have resulted in far greater trouble in the streets. There is no "Press" any more-these are ruthless entertainment and influence peddling operations. Also, what happened today with the heckling of Mayor at Police Academy is purely outrageous , and unprecedented in NYC history. I've been here 58 years, and have never seen such a debacle. PD are acting like the thugs they bitch about. Enough of the despicable actions-QUIT if you hate the job so much. That's what Christie would say to teachers who complain-eh? They are putting the lives of future officers at risk,and securing more scorn and abuse on themselves. If they feel dissed by the Mayor-QUIT!


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