Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Remembrance of Things Past: Xmas at Radio City With the Rockettes

Yesterday the family met up for lunch, the tree and the Xmas show at Radio City - both my wife and I remembered childhood notes of going to Radio City to see the Rockettes and a movie. We think we both saw Cary Grant in Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" as kids.
No more movies and a show. The crowds were immense. My wife's brother and his wife came from New Jersey and our niece and family from Pennsylvania. Later we tried to get tickets for some added shows for Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga in June but no dice.

Radio City Music Hall is quite a place -- and they used a lot of technology, including drones, in the show. (I still dozed at times.)


  1. I remember going early, waiting on line for the first show-$1 for movie plus Rockettes. I also remember finding a side entrance right off subway with no lines. Last year I took a tour of Radio City. It was great going behind the scenes and hearing history of that magnificent theater.

    1. We need to try that. For my wife's birthday many years ago we went to Top of the SIxes - revolving dance floor, etc. We got reservations because it was Super Bowl night - and that was the best game ever. I kept going to the bathroom to check it out. Our friend's daughter's pal works for Jimmy Fallon show and we are hoping to get some tickets. Still hoping for Tony Bennett Lady Gaga concerts in June.


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