Thursday, December 11, 2014

FULL COURT PRESS: Spend Saturday With Teachers Unite: Educate, Don't Incarcerate

#SchoolPushout #Criminalization #School2Prison  
#PoliceViolence #MassIncarceration #PrisonIndustrialComplex  
#Apathy #Racism #WhiteSupremacy
Saturday, December 13th
Manny Cantor Center
197 East Broadway, NYC

Thanks to your incredible support, we have surpassed our goal of $10,000 to help schools practice transformative justice and decrease the suspensions that lead young people into the School-to-Prison Pipeline.

Can you help us to reach $12,000 by Saturday's FULL COURT PRESS Event?  

We know that many of you will be heading out to the Millions March NYC happening on Saturday, and we hope you can also  
come by the FULL COURT PRESS Against #SchoolPushout with friends & family to cheer on all of the teams and win prizes!

Volunteer to work at the event! email for information

Can't attend but want to support? 
You can make a donation at 

Thank you!

Dignity in Schools Statements on Ferguson + Eric Garner Decisions

"This is not a public safety issue or a question of police and youth not 'understanding' each other. This is a human rights issue and we must push for a radical transformation in the way America treats young people, train youth on what to do when they are stopped by law enforcement and block police access to youth as much as possible from our schools to our streets, stated Kim McGill of YJC in Los Angeles."

"This injustice is part of a larger context of systemic oppression and continued criminalization of people of color by law enforcement. We stand in solidarity with communities who continue to raise their voices to end the militarization of police departments, including those operating in our schools."   

 Read Dignity in Schools Campaign's full Ferguson and Eric Garner decision statements here. 

Join Teachers Unite
"Because of the support I get at Teachers Unite, I am able to be a better teacher. Through TU I am reminded that my work in the classroom is directly linked to my work outside the classroom, and ultimately, that my students and I are in this struggle together to make school more relevant & just."  
-Kate Rubenstein, TU Organizing Council member

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